Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 1

Day 1 27.7.2011 – The adventure begins
Ok so have woken up at a nice healthy 5am due to my body not being used to the time zone yet as it still things it was 10am in the morning but it’s ok, we are all feeling refreshed and ready to get out there and explore NEW YORK CITY BABY!!!
This is the view from our first room:

Now moved into the new bigger room overlooking Time Square, it is a great view that you can just watch the world go by.
We have explored time square, and a bit of the surrounding area, went for a walk to the Empire State, will have to investigate that further later. Mikey was feeling abit under the weather so we took him back to the hotel, then Steven and i headed down to battery park to take some pics of the Statue of Liberty and the construction site of the new world trade centre.
We also came across a place called ‘Essex World Cafe’ and as usual it was full of builders!!!!


And I have found the largest bag of skittles in the world!!!!
To round off the day we went to see Cars 2. Which was really good fun then asked where we could get pizza from......the lady in the cinema told us of a place that did large pizza slices for 99 cents so we thought sounds like a plan. We got there and found 18” pizza for $8!!!!!!!!  It was fantastic and so cheap compared to the UK. Finally,  we head up to the rotating bar and just watched literally the whole of New York slide past us with some very tasty mocktales.
This is me signing off....J

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