Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 5 31.7.2011 – The mountain and the factory

So today we woke to and for breakfast were treated to freshly made pancakes!!! (You can’t beat homemade!) to start out the day we headed off to smuggler’s notch, which is a ski resort in the winter and great for trekking in the summer, so myself, Steven, Michael and Michael headed up on the cable car to begin our ascent. We tried one way which was washed out and would have had to traverse over a 20 foot drop for about 10 feet and so didn’t fancy risking it, so we tried the other route which proved to be much more fruitful.
The view at the point where we stopped (at roughly I think 3000 feet) was breathtaking as you can see here:
After heading down we went out to lunch at a place called ‘the shed’ which severed some great food and then for desert we decided to head out to one of the most famous ice cream makers in the world....some of you might have heard of it .......Ben & Jerry’s....just a small company that do some odd flavours of ice cream. We took the tour of the factory to see how it was all made...even though it was a Sunday so there was no one working the factory floor...but we were treated to some free samples of ice cream which were happily taken!!

Oh also we stopped off at a shop where the owner makes stautus and carvings out of trees using a chainsaw!
We are going to meet more of the family this evening and who knows what they have planned for Steven’s birthday for tomorrow!!!!!
This is me signing off...J

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