Thursday, 21 July 2011


Hello, Howdy and Kia ora,
Welcome to our blog; let me introduce who is coming on our journey, myself James (who wanted to avoid getting a job yet), my brother Michael (who just wanted to come along for the ride) and our cousin Steven (who wanted to see the world and all that is out there).
 We are taking a tour of the world well...... at least by circumnavigating it and going all the way around (It’s a bit like Ewan and Charlie but a lot less organised and not on bikes!). We are stopping off in America, Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong. I hope that we get to update this blog as often as internet connections permit and how well we can upload our video diaries (just for all you 08 PMGFers out there).
I hope that this blog does make you laugh a bit and keep you sufficiently jealous to keep coming back to see where we are up to. Please feel free to past any comments or suggestions for placed for us to go if we are in the area that you have been.
Our rough itinerary is: Heathrow →New York → Montreal → Vancouver → Seattle → San Francisco →Auckland → THE WHOLE OF NEW ZEALAND → Hong Kong → Heathrow
Well until we get to the airport in a few days time this is me signing off....J

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