Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day 56 20.9.2011 – There, away and back again. A Hobbits tale by Jameth Harper

Hong Kong → Heathrow → Home

Hello all,

We are home! After being up for 24 hours, getting up at 4am and a 13 hour flight, we have made it back to the UK after 2 months of travelling.

We have circumnavigated the planet and visited 3 continents! The whole trip has been amazing and something I will never forget.

I would just like to thank everyone who has read this blog and kept up to date with our adventures!!

This is me signing off for the final time....JMS

Day 55 19.9.2011 – Barter and bargains

Hong Kong

Hello all,

Today we went into central Hong Kong and had a look around the markets, they were good fun and it is always fun bartering and haggling for random items. We mainly got clothes and a few random bits and pieces. Also a fire engine came down the market road with no more than a few inches on either side, it was a crazy sight to see and we have no idea why it came down that road!

We also went down to the river and the space centre and had a nice dinner inside a shopping mall where I had a huge bowl of ramen!

All we needed to do was pack and squeeze everything into our bags and pray that they were still under the weight limit!!!

This is me signing off...J

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 54 18.9.2011 – Hong Kong and the Gondolas...or so we thought

Hong Kong

Hello all,

Ok so we landed at 6.30am, which is not so bad unless you have had very little sleep, which of course was the case! The weirdest thing was landing in Hong Kong as it is a manmade island the airport is on and on one side you look out and you see the terminals and on the other sea passing by you very quickly!!

So we got through nice and quickly got our things and headed out on the Metro system (MTR) into central Hong Kong, with a bit of wandering and going to the wrong Harbour view hotel at first we did find the right one. But as per usual we were far too early, so dropped our bags and headed out to explore. We wanted to go on the glass gondolas that there are riding up the mountain, but when we got there the queues where huge. So as a quick change of plan and as Steven had never been to one before we went to.......


Yep we headed over to Hong Kong Disneyland, it was really fun, its quite similar to the others but Stevens eyes did light up like a small child when we got in and saw everything, especially after the parade in the afternoon. It really wasn’t that expensive to get in either on 30 quid!

So we went on many of the rides and ate Chinese food, which was all good, so by the time we got back to the hotel it was late afternoon and we were all shattered. So had showers, were not adventurous and went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

This is me signing off....J

Day 53 17.9.2011 – Leaving the most beautiful country in the world

Christchurch → Auckland → Hong Kong

Hello all, 

Well today is our final day in New Zealand, it’s been amazing here. We have met some great and interesting people on our journey around the country and seen some amazing things.

As to what we did on our final day... Judith took us further along the coast to see how some  of the cliffs had just collapsed during the earthquakes, they are held back with shipping containers, but you can still see buildings hanging half broken on the cliffs and down in the town below there are many areas deserted and ruined. 

But as I have said life still goes on in Christchurch and the surrounding areas that were affected, all credit to them, they are do really well and getting back on their feet slowly but surely.

After this Judith dropped us off at the Antarctic Centre next to the airport. We said our goodbyes; it has been lovely staying with her and Jim. The food was great, the view stunning and it was just a nice was to end our time here.

So we hauled our things into the big lockers they have and went off to explore the centre. This included a freezing room, where they get you to wear some Antarctic gear and blast you with -25°C winds!!! Also a Haggalund ride, which is the Swedish all terrain snow vehicle, that was very fun going up 50° inclines and crossing over a 1.7m chasm! Which is did with ease.....then we went into the 4D theatre they have, which sprayed us with water, wind and all sorts as we watched a video crossing the Antarctic.

Then it was on to our flights just across the road. We had a quick connection from Christchurch up to Auckland, by the time you were up they were all ready saying they were getting ready to land! But after this was the long haul, a 11hr 30 min flight up to Hong Kong, there was a little bit of free space sp we all spread out along the plane to try and get some sleep as we were getting into Hong Kong at 6.30am.

This is me signing off...J

Day 52 16.9.2011 – The PGA


Hello all, 

This morning we headed out.....I was driving Judiths car....without being told until I was out the door, to head over with Jim to play on his local 9 hole full course. So Mikey and I went off into the villae nearby for some lunch. The area had been hit hard by the earthquakes and so much of the area was in ruin but people were still going on. There was a decent chippie so we had some lunch then caught  up with Steven and Jim. We followed them home and it was mid afternoon by then, so we set in and watch the rugby matches on and again had a really nice meal.

Tomorrow is our final day in New Zealand (which is a sad prospect indeed)

This is me signing off....J