Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 4 30.7.2011 – The Train

Hello all,
So it rained last night in NYC which was nice as it was warm! We decided to buy Steven a Hard Rock Cafe shirt for his birthday instead, it looks really good. Now we are on the 7 hour train from NYC – Plattsburgh, NY, to visit Stevens’s side of the family, Uncle Peter, whom we haven’t met before but Steven has quite a few times. It’s nice we get to meet some more family and also Steven gets to spend his 22nd birthday with them all. We got up at 6am this morning to get ready and leave the hotel by 7.....which we did....however when i first woke up and looked at my watch I thought it was 6am, so got up and got ready, I woke the guys up and they roused quite quickly only to my dismay i had read my watch wrong as they pointed to the clock that it was only 12.30!!! So there I was all ready to go and had to get back into bed!! Oh well!
So yes a 7 hour train journey on a very comfortable Amtrak train with plugs so i can plug the laptop in and passing some very stunning views as we go.
This is me signing off.....J
The journey took 8 hours instead as we were delayed by some rolling freight trains (that actually take prioirity on these tracks) but eventually got to Plattsburgh and met Uncle Peter and his son Michael. They took us across the ferry to get to Burlington and welcomed us into their home, which is lovely and so peaceful
This is me signing off...J

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