Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 3 29.7.2011 – Harry Potter, Heroes and Villains

Hello all, today we had a bit more of a relaxed day as we stayed around time square. We went to the Harry Potter exhibition at the discovery centre, I would show you pictures but due to copyright of Warner Brothers we weren’t allowed to. But I can safely say that the outfits and props are amazing, some of the details that you see up close just cannot be appreciated on the big screen. Also we just did a bit of souvenir shopping and went to the M & M store and Toys ‘R’ Us. On our walk back to the hotel this afternoon we decided to go to the comic book store that we had seen....but before we get to that there is the most amazing celebrity spot Michael has made........that would be .........Claire from Heroes!!!! Hayden Panettiere in the flesh and we walked right past her!
So after that excitement we headed off the comic book store, as some of you may know (and others about to) Michael and I are rather big fans of sci-fi, anime and the like so walking into a New York comic book store was a bit of a dream come true for us! It was huge and had everything and anything to do with being a geek/nerd/whatever you want to call us! (Steven was a bit blank as he isn’t part of our world in that respect!) but hey you only get to do these things once.

We went to planet Hollywood last night which was great and are now going to take Steven our for a birthday dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, which he doesn’t know we are playing for yet!!
This is me signing off....J

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