Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 6 1.8.2011 – Canoes and Cake

 Hello all today was a good day!!
It was Stevens’s birthday today, he is now 22! And still I don’t think wisdom comes with age, as him and Michael are still bickering like children half the time! (It’s not really that bad!) We went to an amazing place today called Indian Brook reservoir, where Uncle peter and Michael took us down with some kayaks and a canoe, where the two Michaels (the eldest Michael proclaimed his was an expert at canoeing) promptly stepped into the canoe and flipped it right over and both falling in the lake!!
It is beautiful around there, we were the only ones there for a few hours just paddling about and swimming in the cool water.
In the evening the rest of the family came over and we had some perfectly cooked steak followed by an amazing cake cooked by Susan. We stayed up with the kids, Mel, Austin, Nathan and Owen trying to teach them cricket with a tennis ball and baseball bat!! (Needless to say it had some interesting results and we promised if they ever come over to teach them or if we make it back over bring a proper set)
It has been amazing here and everyone has been so welcoming, we are all a bit sad to leave but alas we must continue our adventurer.....tomorrow Montreal and onto Vancouver
This is me signing off...J

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