Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 10 5.8.2011 – The long road across and the cars

Hello all,
Well today has been an interesting one!! I’m impressed I’m here writing this blog. I shall tell you why.

We decided to go across to the west coast of the Island today, to take in the view of the Pacific, we put the location into the SatNav and began to drive. It was nice enough to begin with however after a short while we passed a road it told us to go down as it looked nothing more than a dirt road. After a small discussion and the fact that it said it would take just as much time either was we turned around and headed up......therein lies our mistake.
We have found a nice dirt logging road!! Accompanied by large logging lorries going at about 60 up and down it, now the first time this happen we all thought we were about to be driven off the road or shaken to pieces due to the road, but with nowhere to turn around and a cliff face on one side of us we had to keep going!! After about an hour of this we had found somewhere to properly turn around and made the SatNav get us to the nearest town, praying it was not too far away and our car could withstand a bit more of a beating.
Well we pulled into this nice looking little place called Port Albany, where mum needed a bit of caffeine! We looked around and saw that a car show was taking place in a few hours so went off in search of the west coast and would stop in on our way back.
The journey the rest of the way was fine, lots of Steven taking pictures of the views and a few steep hills to climb but that was worth it once we got to the west coast, it had a great view and some trails through a small forest along the shorefront, which was nice to wander and explore.
We headed back to Port Albany to find that the car show was in full swing with some beautiful looking and restored classic muscle cars and a few other choice vehicles, including a drag racer being unloaded off its mammoth trailer! That was worth the logging road any day to find it.

We got back to sunshine ridge and had a nice BBQ of pork and steak, a good way to round off a fun day.
This is me signing off...J

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