Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 15 10.8.2011 – the ride down to Portland

Hello all,

Currently we are on the train riding down to Portland, Oregon, where we are stopping over till our train tomorrow (which is 17 hours) down to San Fran, shamefully where we only get a day and a half to explore before the flight...but hey it’s all and experience!!

So we are meeting Margaret’s brother and wife today who are lodging us for the night, they are Rod and Margie, whom are good friends also with our grandparents, will be nice to meet more people as we have done so far along the trip and im sure we will on the other side of the world!!

This is me signing off...J


We were picked up from the station and taken back to their house, it’s in a great peaceful location and the house is lovely as are they. They took us on a drive around tour of the city so we could see some of what Portland had to offer, its a great place with a good feel to it. And much warmer than it was up north!!

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