Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 14 9.8.2011 – Exploring Anacortes

Hello all, 

Today went out and about with Ralph and Margaret. We drove around the island and found some great views and vistas. We also stopped off at a small little lilac coloured cafe, it seemed nice enough on the outside but once we were inside we realised we had come across something special, across the counter and in glass cases were the largest cheapest most varied amount of doughnuts we have ever seen, rings, twists, claws all bigger than my hands and all for less than a quid!!!! They tasted amazing and were very filling.

We continued to explore around and saw some very interesting drainpipes with watering cans attached to the bottom so the water all sprinkled out, along near the docks and shipwrights (which is where the BWM Oracle..Americas Cup Boat was built) we saw a hug tug being built and one which was connected to the ship it was towing by huge bolts the slide into place inside the ship. A very clever way of securing the ships.

It has been very nice staying with Ralph and Margaret, there house is lovely and so are they, we now look forward to a 6 hour journey to get down to Portland tomorrow to stay with Margaret’s brother and wife.

This is me signing off...J 

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