Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 11 6.8.2011 – Down to Victoria

Hello all,

Today we left sunshine ridge and began to make our way down to Victoria. We came across a mini golf place on the way so stopped off for a bit of fun. It is always a laugh and nice to have a quick game...and I came join second after a recount due to mum’s dodgy adding up!!

The views as we drove down the East coast were also great and again we had Steven snapping away, and even drove back part of the way to get to some view points across the road. We got down into Victoria and after we found the hotel, (the room had two floors to it!! And was a brewery!!) headed out to the picturesque town to have a look around and see if our family friends Ralph and Margaret had arrived.
While stopping for coffee and ice cream, we were on the lookout and mum thought she had spotted them over the road...she ran out and waved and the woman waved back, she went over and got talking to her but we thought it odd the man was wandering off. Mum came back over and said ‘nope not them!’ to our dismay why she had hugged her and chatted to a complete stranger we will never know, but after we came back from getting ice cream the real Ralph and Margaret were with mum and dad.
We haven’t seen them since we were small and it was nice to catch up, we went for a walk and found a nice place to eat and then headed back to the hotel having booked a whale watching tour for tomorrow,,, looking forward to that lots.
Also on a side note we saw a Russian tall ship used for training and John Lennon’s Rolls Royce!!! (Its bright yellow!)
This is me signing off...J

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