Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 17 12.8.2011 – SAN FRANCISCO

Hello all, 

Its 7am here and we are still on the train after a rubbish nights sleeps, but hey these are the things you have to do. Mikey of course is still trying to sleep. We should arrive in a few hours and then see what we do about getting to the hotel. 

So we made it to the hotel in one piece...again we are high up overlooking the bay but not on the Golden Gate bridge side. We headed out to the Westfield Shopping Centre next door to get some breakfast then explore the shops.

After we headed down to the turn table for the San Fran Trams, it was a long wait but it was great fun hanging on as we travelled up and down the hills. We got dropped off at Fishermans Wharf down by Pier 39. Lots going on there, shops, performers, museums even a vintage arcade with some fantastic classic arcade games.

Along the front we saw Alcatraz out in the bay and hidden in the clouds was the Golden Gate bridge, it was still a great sight as it all sunk in that we were there. We rode back on the trams and grabbed some dinner. It is an early night today as we had such little sleep on the train. So tomorrow evening we head off to New Zealand and on to the motor home for the month, so that could be very interesting!!!!

This is me signing off...J

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