Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 16 11.8.2011 – Portland and another train!

Hello all,

Today we had a great cooked breakfast thanks to Margie, and then Rod took us around more of Portland. We went to some nice gardens in downtown and then headed into a camera shop where there were some good deals going on due to the exchange rate. So Steven ended up buying a new lense and I was very tempted also but I’m saving it for whatever I come across in Middle Earth!!

So now we are on yet another train bound for Emeryvile just outside San Fran, where we can get the bus into downtown then find our hotel.

Oh by the way I forgot to mention this train is 17 hours long!!!! But thankfully it is very comfy and has ample leg room. I also think Steven is happy as he is sitting new to a very pretty women! 

So then next blog will be after a long journey and hopefully in San Fran!

This is me signing off...J


Steven is a funny guy, he almost jumped out the way to let the girl get back in her seat!! (sorry im just making light of it as it’s very funny) he is actually managed to string a sentence together!

More than that he is actually having a conversion with her!!

Enough of the teasing though, this is going to be a rubbish nights sleep

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