Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 7 2.8.2011 – Montreal to Vancouver

Hello all,
It’s been a week since we started travelling, all is going well. Michael took us down to the waterfront at Burlington, it had a great view, he then took us to a store called Quarterstaff (if you hadn’t guessed it is a board and gaming store) it was very cool to see such a large store dedicated to tabletop games and board games, (if only we had such proper stores in the UK!).
We ate at a great little pizza place that cooked all its pizzas in a wood fire stone oven, they were awesome pizzas!! Oh and also Steven and Mikey brought a bottle of maple whiskey, it was nice but not quite my cup of tea.
Michael took us across the border and on to Montreal, I would say it was a lovely city but all we saw of it was the airport. The flight was fine, (it actually had leg room!) and was a nice view flying over the Rockies. We got into Vancouver and actually got into a proper taxi!!!!  Now we are at the hotel, which had a pool!! Tomorrow we are heading out to explore the city before mum and dad arrive the day after.
This is me signing off...J

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