Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 20 15.8.2011 – Into Auckland

Kia Ora, 

We have landed in New Zealand at 5.30am!! All we had to was get in now.....luckily that went off without a hitch, no mud on our boots and we all looked respectable enough to be let through border patrol.

Now this is where it becomes a loooonng day, we got to the hotel/apartment at 6.30am and of course the room wasn’t read and nothing was open yet, so we left tour stuff and wrapped up as we headed out to explore Auckland at 7 in the morning.

It was very, very, very wind, gusts of up to 50mph!! Which kept us on our toes (just about), we headed down to the quayside and found some where to warm our selves up and have a cup of tea! 

We headed up to the Sky Tower (the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere) where we had a great view over all of Auckland and thankfully it looked like it was clearing up. However, after looking through the shops and avoiding the odd heavy shower, we got back to the apartment (after getting very lost for about 30 mins trying to find the darn place we had left at 7am), which has a good kitchen and 2 bedrooms. 

But all of a sudden it was snowing outside of the window, (although I learned later not technically snow as I said to the guys, it was actually graiple (sorry for the spelling) this is pretty much like a soft hail and not full snow (ok I heard that from the meteorologist on the TV but I understood it all)), we found out that it was the first snow in 40 years in Auckland. So we have had gales, heavy rail, snow, sleet and sunshine all in our first day!!!!

We have gone to see some more movies to ease ourselves in due to the jetlag. Cowboys and Aliens was ok and Transformers in IMAX (the only one in NZ) which was great!!!

Now we got to pick up the motor home tomorrow for 29 days, but I am a little apprehensive as there is pretty bad weather over here at the moment so which just take it slow and safe.

This is me signing off...J

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