Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 9 4.8.2011 – the ferry to VI

Hello all,
We met up with Mum and Dad today!!!  It is nice to see them and see how they got on with there trip down from Alaska. We were picked up in the rental car they have mum said look for the big, black, “blingly” car so we knew which to look for....however this was not the case. If you have ever been over here you know that the cars, 4x4’s, vans and tracks are we were expecting something along those lines to drive past, a few did then ours turned up, I’m not sure how they found it but it was the smallest large car we had seen all trip!!! It just about it’s all 5 of our stuff in the boot with no room to spare but hey its all good.
So we stopped over at Capilano suspension bridge, hanging over a large gorge its good fun to walk across and to treetop walkways to you go across, its a beautiful place and well maintained. Also with Michael swaying from side to side rocking the bridge it gave Steven cause to go slow and stead across it...however this was not to be Stevens only scare of the day.

After a nice lunch we made it down to the ferry terminal where we were to wait till out scheduled crossing. (You could tell that some people did it regularly as they pulled out chairs from their boots and got out work that needed doing!!) So the ferry, it was fine, a pleasant trip across to Vancouver Island, apart from the when travelling like train the ferry lets off a horn when it leaves and arrives, to our shock (due to how loud it is) and poor Steven near had a heart attack....and it happened again when we were coming on to dock, it was very funny after we made sure he was still breathing.
Then on to the hotel, the mystery....really it was a mystery as dad had booked it and like some of our other trips.....let’s just say we were wary of it, as he wasn’t even sure the place was finished!!
However, luckily to our relief the place was amazing, a huge studio apartment when large granite work tops, separate apartment for mum and dad and a mains gas BBQ sitting out on the balcony. So Sunshine Ridge resort was not a disappointment , it s going to be nice staying here.
This is me signing off...J

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