Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 12 7.8.2011 – Whales and walking

Hello all,
So we rose early this morning.....but it was worth it! We went whale watching (or should I say orca watching) on a decent sized boat, with a company aptly named ‘Prince of Whales’ (get the pun!!!), all of us were keeping a keen eye out and we got some fantastic shots of the orcas surfacing and diving back down again. It was great to be out on the water on such a clear and lovely day.

We met up with Ralph and Margaret and undertook further exploration of Victoria coming across a market and walking through Chinatown, with its distinctive red lampposts. We all went for dinner at a nice little place called ‘the keg’, it is a very old establishment but very modern on the inside and it had the most succulent and rich tasty steaks as I have ever had, definitely up in my top three! (Funnily enough two of my top 3 are Canadian and one American). So that was a worthwhile experience.
We are off with Ralph and Margaret tomorrow on the ferry down to Anacortes and back again across the border to the US, we have hashed out a rough plan to get down to San Fran but it does leave us limited time there so we will just have to make the most of it!!

This is me signing off.....J

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