Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 38 2.9.2011 – There be gold in them there hills! - Distance Travelled: 2872km

Wanaka  → Queenstown

Hello all,

Today we woke to a great view over looking more mountains and Lake Wanaka. We headed down into town just to have a walk around as it is very picturesque, we had to park next to the lake so you are treated to even more great views!

We went over to another Puzzle World, this time it was much bigger with another cool illusion room, also an area with a perspective room, this I was the same technique used in Lord of the Rings to get the massive height difference between some of the characters. 

We made our way down towards Queenstown, via another mountain pass with a very long climb up over and an amazing road twisting all the way down like you see on Top Gear and in Italy where it descends very quickly. Now in a motor home nearly 7 meters long its made for an interesting trip down.

After making it down we headed into the very pretty and traditional mining town of Arrowtown. It grew due to the gold rush and you still can pan for gold...which we did!! We hired out some pans and made our way to the river to find our fortune.

The long and the short of it......we didn’t find anything!! We don’t think mainly gold looking rocks which were yellow or orangey! But on the plus side this was another Lord of the Rings location!!! The ford at which Arwen summons the water horses to kill the 9 black riders while she is trying to save Frodo!! It was cool seeing another place in real life.

We are now in Queenstown, which again is surrounded my mountains and at the edge of another lake. We shall see what adventures we get up to in the adventure capital of the world.

This is me signing off.....J

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