Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 36 31.8.2011 – The West Coast drive - Distance Travelled: 2493km

Westport  → Franz Joseph 

Hello all,

Today we decided to drive down far along the west coast to the Franz Joseph glacier. Along the way though we stopped off at the blowhole scenic park!! It was a great thing to see, although we got very wet unexpectedly from a blowhole we didn’t see!!! 

The whole coastline is amazing to drive down, the rapid change in scenery and the rapid increase in size of the mountains is fantastic. As we made it down to Franz Joseph, after a stop start journey with lots of pictures being taken of this fantastic coast line, we were treated to a very overcast view that was stopping us from seeing the Alps in front of us. Hopefully it clears up tomorrow.

Oh and just a quick note the road we drove today was one of the Lonely Planet’s Top 10 roads to drive in the world!!!

This is me signing off...J

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