Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 31 26.8.2011 – The Markets and the Yards - Distance Travelled:1745 km

Feilding → Wellington

Hello all,

Today was our last time in Feilding as were heading out to Wellington. Gavin took us along with Joyce to the Farmers Market in the town centre, there was some great local produce available and some very tasty home baking! As per usual Gavin knew every one!!! As he says ‘only in Fielding’ and it is a lot of fun when he runs into someone because there is always a really interesting story to that person or what relation Gavin is to them.

He also took us along to a tour of the sale yards they have, they are now the second largest in the Southern Hemisphere, they used to be the largest but over in South America they are just getting bigger and bigger! So we were taken around the yards and saw some auctioning in action, they speak so quickly it takes a while to understand what they are saying.

We headed back to sort out our things and head off to our next destination. But before this Gavin showed us some of the heirlooms and family history he has in the Safe. Like an old £2 gold coin and other very old commemorative objects that have been passed down to him. I am going to do some research for Gavin when I get home.

We said our goodbyes, which was sad as they are lovely people and we could have spent much more time with the family getting to know them, but we needed to make more progress...so on to Wellington!

This is me signing off....J

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