Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 35 30.8.2011 – The Ring and the pass - Distance Travelled: 2213km

Picton → Nelson → Westport

Hello all,

Today we headed from Picton over to Nelson. The weather was rubbish, overcast and rainy as we crossed over another area of high hills, with some very twisty roads. 

The roads are great fun to drive, later on when we cross over the beginning of the Southern Alps I was having to concentrate but enjoying it far too much!! Any way we stopped over in Nelson for lunch and supplies, but while we were there I thought we would go out in search of the jewellers that crafted all of the rings for LOTR, over 40 of the One Ring were crafted including one that we 16cm in diameter, all made in 24ct gold!!! 

So over the mountains we headed onto the west coast, it is beautiful over here, I know I have said it before but you do not know what view you will get around the next corner. I am having alot of fun seeing it all here on the other side of the world.

We made it over to Westport even if it was a long drive.

This is me signing off....J

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