Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 44 8.9.2011 – The ends of the Earth and back again - Distance Travelled: 3543km

Invercargill → Bluff → Invercargill

Hello all,

We today we had reached the end of the world (technically the end of the Island but hey its close enough) as we wanted to go to play laser tag but to our dismay it had gone into liquidation. So we decided to head down to Bluff, which is the furthest point south in New Zealand, at least the sign said so. There was a nice cafe overlooking the sea and did some great beer battered chips!!

We drove back into Invercargill and looked around town, it was an interesting mix, as it seemed familiar but then very different at the same time. We went to see another movie as well, which was ‘The Change Up’, another very funny movie that was worth the watch.

Now to the dinner we had, I think one of the best of the trip. A little Irish pub which did the best beef and Guinness pie and a great lamb shank for Mikey. However, Steven attempted the Big Steak Challenge. A huge plate of salad, potatoes, onion, bacon, gravy and a huge steak buried underneath it all!! If you finished it then you got a free desert, which of course Steven did we ease and we got the desert that I gladly took off his hands as he was far too full to finish it. It was all good fun and we have to photographic evidence to prove that he did it!

This is me signing off....J

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