Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 46 10.9.2011 – Swing low....and he misses - Distance Travelled: 3805km


Hello all, 

Today was the big match, the first England game of the 2011 world cup!! We headed into town on the packed bus to soak up some of the atmosphere. It was all good fun, lots of the bars full, street performers and live music entertaining.

When we headed down to the stadium we were very early, so waited around for quite a while and then when the crowds started to gather at each of the entrances we got excited. We were some of the first people into the new 30,000 steater stadium in Dunedin. The atmosphere really started to build. The Argentinean fans are bonkers and very passionate, we almost felt as it we were in the wrong stand, but it was all good fun and we had a laugh with the people around us.

Now the rugby on the other hand we will not talk about as it was shocking....we won which was great but did not deserve to.

It was a great time we had there though, fantastic to be going to the world cup on the other side of the planet! Even if we got in late, after walking all the way back to the site.

Oh I forgot to mention, more arrived during the night at the site so now the entire pitch and surrounding are covered in motor homes and tents. It is a funny sight but one I will remember!

This is me signing off...J

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