Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 45 9.9.2011 – Waterfalls and supporters - Distance Travelled: 3805km

Invercargill → Dunedin

 Hello all,

Today we made it up the East coast to get to Dunedin, which is our stop over to watch the rugby!!!
But on the way there (after a slight detour) we stopped off along the coastal road at a few great trails for waterfalls. I have a good camera and Steven and even better one, also we asked for tips from another photographer in Queenstown, how to shoot running water to get a smooth effect. Now with this knowledge we tried to get some good shots of the flowing water, it took some time but it was worth it. We were both getting better at them and have ended up with some great shots that we might enlarge when we got home. So whenever I see another waterfall I am going to use cool water picture mode again!!

Coming into the evening we got to the holiday park that we were going to be staying at, now there was already a line of motor homes waiting to get there space, but all we were told was drive through over the bump and park where you like. 

In doing this we ended up of the rugby pitch next door (which was very fitting for the occasion), now we pulled in on the edge of the halfway line and by the late evening nearly the whole pitch was encircled. With a few bright sparks parking under the posts at either end camping.

We watch the opening ceremony which was very good, albeit a little confusing at the mishmash of things going on... then watch the first game, New Zealand vs Tonga. 

This is me signing off...J

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