Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 23 18.8.2011 – Depot and DVD - Distance Travelled: 835km

Matakohe → Auckland → Waihi Beach

Hello all,

Today we started out by heading back down to Auckland to get the van checked out, it turned out that our one is a guinea pig as the water connector is on the other side that we were told not to use but hey it’s all a learning curve.

So after that small detour we headed further south, it was a great drive down, lots of open road that lead to a flat valley area that was surrounded by mountains. Also as I was driving I have notice even the clouds look cooler and more awesome that they do at home, more going on in the different levels and different formations (sorry meteorologically geeking out there!!)

So we pulled into our campsite and we are parked right next to beach! We were told there was a pool and so headed down to go for a swim....however it was outside!!!! So we decided not to do that, but there was a large outdoor chess so Mikey and me had a game (which I won), then headed down to rent out a dvd from the reception and had a nice chat with the woman there, then went to get fish and chips and watch LOTR (Lord of the Rings for those of you uninitiated!!) as Steven hasn’t watch them before and we thought it madness that he hadn’t watched them and is in the country it was filmed in.
So a relaxing night of chips and movies....tomorrow we head down to Hobbition (aka my home should I have been born in Middle Earth), which I’m very excited about.

This is me signing off ...J

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