Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 51 15.9.2011 – Chucklevision and the maze

Christchurch → Hamner Springs → Christchurch

Hello all,

Today we went off on a small minibus arranged by Judith to take us out of Christchurch and to the lovely little village of Hamner Springs. We got there and it was really picturesque, along walking up the street we spotted these very odd looking bikes, in fact the bikes used in chucklevision, but there were 4 person bike buggies and 2 person bike buggies!!

So of course we took one out for a ride around Hamner. It was more hard work than you would think as it had no gears!! But it was all good fun and quite an experience indicating with our arms flapping out of the bike!

We then went over to play yet another game of mini golf!!!!! It was a nice little course, although we were held up by a large group of oldies in front of us! So we were practicing and doing trick shots of the holes before them. Also coupled with the course was a maze as well, fairly basic, but good fun as there was a puzzle to be solved.

We travelled back on the mini bus to walk through town to get another bus back up to the house. We walked around the park to get there, which is a lovely large open space. Then when we got back home and ordered some pizzas and watch TV as Jim and Judith were out for the night.

So rugby and pizza was a good evening in!!!

This is me signing off....J

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