Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 33 28.8.2011 – Weta again and the Meusum - Distance Travelled: 1851km


Hello all, 

Ok so even though yesterday we went to the Weta Cave and brought things, they told us that the guys who had written to book I had brought were doing a signing today so I though as we were then why not!! So we went back and I managed to get my copy signed and I got another of the shields that I missed yesterday!
So after this we went in search of the old bookstore that had a huge collection of Tolkien books, alas it was not there anymore as some other shops were sitting right where it should be. But hey these things happen so we went browsing around the rugby stores, we ended up all buying a new rugby top each!!

Also wandering along we came across the Embassy Theatre where the premiers of all 3 Lord of the Rings movies where held, we went in and I can see why, it’s a lovely old place but currently places very limited and different movies to those on in mainstream cinemas.

Then Mikey fancied KFC! So went and found one, it was very different....the gravy had mash in it!!! Also the buckets came with actual roast chicken, which was very tasty!

Finally we headed off to the Te Papa museum which had some nice exhibits in it and we went on a simulator that took us to the bottom of the ocean and shook us about alot, it was just something different to do!

This is me signing off....J

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