Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 39 3.9.2011 – Luge, lunch and LOTR - Distance Travelled: 2872km


Hello all,

Today we stayed in Queenstown, we decided to go up the other skyline in New Zealand that is here, its much steeper to get up but again the view is amazing from up there. Of course as we were there it meant that we had to go on the Luge track there!!! There were only two courses but it was still just as fun racing down the courses again the guys. Again Steven was a terror! He really does try to drive you off the course him and Mikey were locked in a duel down part of the course and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and as I tried to get past Steven nearly took me out as well!! 

It is a lot of fun but there is no way we could have any sort of track like this in the UK, mainly for health and safety but the other reason we have no mountains (scenic hills) big enough near where people live for it to be any good.

So after we got back down the mountain, there was a choice the outdoor mini golf or the indoor, we decided to check out the indoor and to our amazement it was really good!! 18 huge holes with lots of different paths and event that could happen, like the gondola that your golf ball could take and you wouldn’t know where it was going to come out after it went off the ramp!

That was a lot of fun and much better than the small outdoor one over the road, we went into downtown Queenstown to find some lunch and found a great little fish and chip shop that cooked fresh fish caught that morning from the lake!

Then we looked around the small flea market that was on the waterfront, it was great seeing some local craft with the backdrop of a huge mountain range.

Oh and one last thing we walked over to another Lord of the Rings shop so to speak, one of the companies that does some of the tours has a collection of the LOTR items for sale. So we walked in and started looking, the woman in the office kindly asked us if we wanted to hold some of the weapons. Both myself and Mikey’s mouths dropped to the floor!!!

Mikey got to wear Gimli’s Helmet and hold his Axe, which was really heavy. I got to hold and swing an Elven Scimitar and Aragorn’s sword Anduril, which was nearly as tall as I was!!! 

That was a great experience and completely unexpected, although we may be able to play about with them more on the full day tour tomorrow!!! But we shall see.

This is me signing off...J

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