Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 41 5.9.2011 – Down, along and up to Milford Sound - Distance Travelled: 3163km

Queenstown → Te Anua → Milford Sound

Hello all,

Rather a sedate day today, we left Queenstown (where I think I could live easily for a few years) and headed over to Milford Sound on the coast nestled in between some rather large mountains and tucked away in a fjord. We are staying in a new built lodge, well parked on a powered site but still. 

The road down had some amazing locations, such as a huge expanse of scrubland, a mirror lake and a hand excavated downwards tunnel through the mountain. It was a long drive but worth it as it was lots of fun again. Tomorrow morning we are not cruising around the Milford Sound (by the way a Sound is a feature of coastline over here) as most people do but Kayaking it for a few hours instead getting up close with the features around it!

This is me signing off...J

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