Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 37 1.9.2011 – The Misty Mountains - Distance Travelled: 2789km

Franz Joseph  → Wanaka

Hello all,

Well today has been a first...our first light aircraft trip! Yes on a spur of the moment thing I saw a winter offer for a scenic plane ride over the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers. It was an amazing experience, at first you think this is madness getting in a tiny plane for 30 minutes but once you are up and taking in what you are seeing below you it just becomes a fantastic adventure.

We flew up and over the glaciers and to the peaks of the tallest mountains in this part of the Sothern mountain range. Mt Cook being the tallest. Flying in and around these beautiful peaks and realising that what you are flying over has been featured in movies is a crazy thought but one I had while I was taking the near 600 pictures I took during the flight.

Both Steven and Michael were ok at the end of it, we weren’t sure how we would be but it turned out ok and great fun. It was such a fantastic thing to do, the whole thing was a once in a life time which was well worth it. It is something I will never forget as every time I see the lighting of the beacons in Return of the King I shall remember I flew over the Misty Mountains!!!!!

After to calm our selves back down and relax a bit (as Steven was still a little iffy) we went to the hot springs nearby! A 36, 38 and 40°C pool, it was very relaxing and nice to just sit and do nothing. 

We then headed down on a long trip across the mountains to the other side and Wanaka, the drive and views once again on this road were great, over ridges to then be looking upon another huge lake or forest swarming up a mountain. Its all great to see.

Then arriving in Wanaka which is a lovely place set at the foot of a lake with imposing mountains in the distance. We found the site and were treated to a great view as we pulled up for the night.

This is me signing off...J

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