Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 25 20.8.2011 – Black water rafting - Distance Travelled: 1167km

Waitomo Caves → Rotorua

Hello all,

Well today was a fun one! We went black water rafting at the Waitomo Caves, now black water rafting means floating and walking and a bit of swimming with a rubber ring. Our guides Terry and Shannon were great fun, they kept us all safe 65m underground through the fresh water rivers, oh and I forgot to mention that when we turned our lights out there were glow worms in the ceiling of the caves all the way through!!!!

It was an amazing sight, and a different sight was all 3 of us in slightly misfit-ting wetsuits we large black rubber rings around our bums as we step backwards to an underground waterfall and jump off!!! Of course Shannon jumped off the wall and landed in hers but Terry topped that by doing a front flip into the water in a rubber ring and landing it!!!

The water was very cold and gave us a shock, but once you lost feeling in your fingers it was actually all right. The final trek through the caverns was in the pitch black with just glow worms in the ceiling to guide us out. It was an amazing experience.....cold but amazing. Another day another unique special experience.

We got the pics but they are on a CD and my laptop doesn’t have the drive so I hope to get the pics up at some point but I don’t know when!!!

On to Rotorua, the weather is still good for us.

This is me signing off.....J

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