Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 26 21.8.2011 – Lifts, lunch and Luge - Distance Travelled:1265km

Rotorua → Lake Taupo

Hello all,

Today we thought we would head out to see some culture, a Maori show or something however.....it is a Sunday therefore...NO SHOWS!! So instead we decided to head up on the Skyline cable car to take in the views over Rotorua, and as an extra bonus at the top there was a set of concrete luge tracks, where you ride down (and technically not race or crash into each other or speed too recklessly)

But before we did we stopped off at the min golf next door, and by mini we mean a small micro 18 hole course that only took 30mins to do but it was good and I won, steven second and Michael third.

Up on the mountain it was great fun racing down the tracks, we tried to a do a tog gear spoof called ‘Top Luge’, however we could hold the camera down the track and the gorilla grip slid down to it was just facing Michael the whole time. Once we got used to it, it really was great flying down and over taking lots of people. During this we stopped for lunch overlooking the whole of Lake Rotorua and the city.

So we then headed to Lake Taupo, where we were treated to a great view of the first snow capped mountains that we have seen but by no means the last, as we pulled into the camp site. We are going to explore tomorrow maybe do some thermal springs and the like, who knows.

This is me signing off...J

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