Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 22 17.8,2011 – Southward bound and Putting - Distance Travelled: 550km

Whatuwhiwhi → Matakohe

Hello all,

Today we took a walk along to a small pitch and putt, we were told to take a short cut which ended taking us down along the beach, which was nice to see. The pitch and putt was a small 9 holes, which we think was still being built as they guy gave us advice on what to avoid and where the dangerous water hazards were.
Steven won again but not by too much this time:

Steven: 42

So after making it back to the site we tried to fill up the water tank and head off but the water was just coming out the other side as wasn’t connected to anything, we tried calling but the woman wasn’t very much help so we will stop by Auckland on our way down to stop in at Kia.

The road down to Matakohe was really nice. It’s great fun driving here, lots of hills and unsuspecting corners which make it a challenge and an adventure. Although the lights are not the best and there aren’t any beam lights so it does make it a little harder in the evenings when getting to the camp sites.

So a nice day of driving and golf, not too much else to report.

So this is me signing off...J

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