Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 54 18.9.2011 – Hong Kong and the Gondolas...or so we thought

Hong Kong

Hello all,

Ok so we landed at 6.30am, which is not so bad unless you have had very little sleep, which of course was the case! The weirdest thing was landing in Hong Kong as it is a manmade island the airport is on and on one side you look out and you see the terminals and on the other sea passing by you very quickly!!

So we got through nice and quickly got our things and headed out on the Metro system (MTR) into central Hong Kong, with a bit of wandering and going to the wrong Harbour view hotel at first we did find the right one. But as per usual we were far too early, so dropped our bags and headed out to explore. We wanted to go on the glass gondolas that there are riding up the mountain, but when we got there the queues where huge. So as a quick change of plan and as Steven had never been to one before we went to.......


Yep we headed over to Hong Kong Disneyland, it was really fun, its quite similar to the others but Stevens eyes did light up like a small child when we got in and saw everything, especially after the parade in the afternoon. It really wasn’t that expensive to get in either on 30 quid!

So we went on many of the rides and ate Chinese food, which was all good, so by the time we got back to the hotel it was late afternoon and we were all shattered. So had showers, were not adventurous and went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

This is me signing off....J

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