Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 32 27.8.2011 – Weta and Wellington - Distance Travelled: 1800km


Hello all,

Today we are in the capital of New Zealand, it’s a really nice place. First off we headed straight through to get to the coolest place so far...the Weta Cave, home of Weta and Weta Digital the guys and girls behind the effects and miniatures the helped make Lord of the Rings even more real and amazing!

It is only a small place on the corner of the lot that they have as a place of work but it is packed full of the models, miniatures and collectables that they have made over the years from LOTR to King Kong to Avatar to District 9.

There was a movie about the history of Weta and what it had done since the couple first started making miniatures and creations for some small movies. I have to add that I spent far too much money here on some small bits and pieces and collectables, like small models of the shields from LOTR. I think I have found yet another thing to collect as a hobby, new Weta creations and models of scenes from movies they help create.
After we headed over to Mt Victoria to find the location that Frodo stood on the path and then hid from the Black Rider under the tree with the other Hobbits. We searched around a few places where we thought it could be but to no avail. As we drove off I spotted one other place it could have been but only seemed to find some other places that I thought were in the movie but not sure. So we left slightly disheartened but hey at least we tried!

We went for an explore of downtown Wellington for the remainder of the day then watch the funniest movie of the year so far Horrible Bosses, all 3 of us were laughing our head off most of the way through it. 

This is me signing off....J

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