Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 53 17.9.2011 – Leaving the most beautiful country in the world

Christchurch → Auckland → Hong Kong

Hello all, 

Well today is our final day in New Zealand, it’s been amazing here. We have met some great and interesting people on our journey around the country and seen some amazing things.

As to what we did on our final day... Judith took us further along the coast to see how some  of the cliffs had just collapsed during the earthquakes, they are held back with shipping containers, but you can still see buildings hanging half broken on the cliffs and down in the town below there are many areas deserted and ruined. 

But as I have said life still goes on in Christchurch and the surrounding areas that were affected, all credit to them, they are do really well and getting back on their feet slowly but surely.

After this Judith dropped us off at the Antarctic Centre next to the airport. We said our goodbyes; it has been lovely staying with her and Jim. The food was great, the view stunning and it was just a nice was to end our time here.

So we hauled our things into the big lockers they have and went off to explore the centre. This included a freezing room, where they get you to wear some Antarctic gear and blast you with -25°C winds!!! Also a Haggalund ride, which is the Swedish all terrain snow vehicle, that was very fun going up 50° inclines and crossing over a 1.7m chasm! Which is did with ease.....then we went into the 4D theatre they have, which sprayed us with water, wind and all sorts as we watched a video crossing the Antarctic.

Then it was on to our flights just across the road. We had a quick connection from Christchurch up to Auckland, by the time you were up they were all ready saying they were getting ready to land! But after this was the long haul, a 11hr 30 min flight up to Hong Kong, there was a little bit of free space sp we all spread out along the plane to try and get some sleep as we were getting into Hong Kong at 6.30am.

This is me signing off...J

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