Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 49 13.9.2011 – A Motor home no more - Distance Travelled: 4174km


Hello all, well today we have said goodbye to Betsy the motor home, she has done us proud as we have travelled more than 2500 miles with her. 

All our stuff is packed and out, so we popped into a taxi off to our family friend’s house, Judith and Jim. They have a lovely house overlooking the whole of Christchurch and a great view of the sea and clouds rolling along, you can even see the Southern Alps that we travelled down the other side of in the distance.

Now Steven has had his tooth seen too that has been giving him problems as he has a root infection, but a quick new filling has made it bearable until we get home. So all is good and we are nearing the end of our adventures!

Oh and a quick note....Judith is cooking a roast tonight!!! Our first in 8 weeks!!!

This is me signing off....J

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