Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 30 25.8.2011 – Like lambs to the slaughter! - Distance Travelled: 1530km


Hello all,

Today we went to Takapuo. There they have a freezing works where they process lamb; the company is called Silver Fern. The livestock comes off the Lorries which bring in 600 per full load, and they are washed off as they make their way along the pens towards the main part of the plant. At its peak it can hold 12,000 sheep, then enter the works and are stunned then killed. They are killed in a way that is consistent and Hal al, so it is good to be shipped anywhere in the world.

We were all a bit apprehensive at first as we thought seeing blood and guts would be off putting but there was no smell and the whole process was very interesting to watch. Our guide EJ took us from the killing all the way through to the huge section where they cut all of the different cuts of lamb.

The whole experience was eye opening and very interesting to see, I think it was a good thing to see as we know the whole process but to see it in real life and up close is something that not many people get to do.
By the time we got back we helped out Gavin with some jobs and cooked him dinner, he had to go pick up a guest for the B&B, so we spent the night in the camper.

We met the woman who was coming to stay as we were all in the lounge. She is an American called Joyce, she moved over the New Zealand 6 months ago as her husband got a job over here at Weta Digital, she was a lovely person and it was amazing to hear what movies her husband had worked on. He worked at DreamWorks and worked on such movies as How to train a Dragon!!!! And did the bit where Hiccup holds his hand out for toothless and he leans in. It’s a very cool bit!! Oh he also did the starting sequence for the DreamWorks titles, you know the bit with the boy in the moon who is fishing off of it...that was him! 

We were all very interested in what she was telling us but I think Mikey and I were the most excited!

This is me signing off.....J

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