Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 50 14.9.2011 – The real city and how life goes on


Hello all,

Today Judith took us into Christchurch, we drove around to store out some returns we had to make, but as we made our way there it really hit us what had happened here. With the whole CBD closed off for 10 square blocks that are just too unsafe to head into, piles of rubble where buildings used to be and lots of areas fenced off. 

It is a strange sight, but then also good to see everyone just making do and getting on with life as they can. Judith has been telling us stories about when it happened and how life is just continuing and people are doing what they can and that things are getting sorted, slowly but surely they will get back. It will take a long time but they will get Christchurch back to how it used to be.....unlike places such as New Orleans which as far as I know still isn’t in great condition so many years on.

Judith had an Italian lesson, so were dropped off at the shopping centre and had a look around......low and behold there was a cinema!! So we went to watch ‘Mr Popper’s Penguins’, which was a decent movie, it made us laugh in a few places. 

We also found another geeky card shop so popped in to purchase a few cards.

Back at their house now, going to be having another nice dinner. The roast was fantastic yesterday....roast new Zealand lamb !!!!

This is me signing off....J

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